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InstrumentOfAngels is a site concerning all things Violin - the most amazing instrument in music.

After all, the abilities of the violin are a great mystery: it's a fragile wooden box, held together by glue with some steel strings stretched across it. Those taut strings, when made to vibrate with a coarse hair bow, somehow cause these elements to combine to make the violin the most expressive instrument ever created. It has an unparalleled depth and range. The great examples of the instrument defy definition.

Put one of those great instruments in the hands of a true artist and fire springs into the air!

On the site we will dedicate pages to our favorite music, instruments, learning and knowledge of this great musical tool, recommendations, stories and event news and - coming soon - forums and blogging for and by dedicated fans.

Peg Notes

Peg-Notes are quotes from Violin Lore, Information blurbs, Concert and Recording reviews and Recommendations.

Violins & Players

Each week a new or re-visited article or book extract about famous Violins and famous Players.


The Events page will show current happenings, upcoming concerts and notable goings-on in the Violin and Strings world.